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Lake Placid, New York

Lake Placid is a happening town that thrives on tourism. From any spot in this bustling town there are scenic views of the surrounding mountains and lakes. The back bone of this town is a community of year 'round residents some of whom are generational Lake Placid families A local land trust organization is actively enhancing the community character by protecting important natural, historic, scenic, and recreational resources and, hence, protecting your investments. Lake Placid Elementary school is located in one building and the Lake Placid Middle and Highschool is in another building on Main street just behind the old speed skating oval (see Lake Placid Central School District).

Historically, Lake Placid was the venue for both the 1932 Olympics and the 1980 Olympics. Today it is the venue for numerous skiing, hockey, skating, and sledding competitions drawing athletes from around the world. In the summer, weekly Monday night mini-triathlons are dwarfed by the increasingly popular Lake Placid Ironman. The Lake Placid and I love New York Horse Show is also an annual event bridging the end of June and the beginning of July.

Accommodations, restaurants, bars and shopping opportunities are plentiful. Cross Country skiers, sliders, and mountain bikers, head towards Mount Van Hovenburg; the Alpine enthusiasts and snow boarders drive east on Rte 86 to Whiteface mountain; paddlers head west to Saranac Lake and beyond; and hikers access the high peaks from the Adirondack Lodge trail heads. If outdoor activity is not your preference, there is an Arts Center, a movie theater, a bowling alley, the Sinfonietta for six weeks of the summer and the soon to open Lake Placid Branch of the Blue Mountain Lake museum. Be sure to check the Lake Placid website for upcoming events.

Lake Placid Ski Jump
Mount Van Hovenburg
Lake Placid, NY
Lake Placid seen from Whiteface